Digital pictures of this and that, here and there.

2001 May 26: A Memorial Day Saturday in Smithfield, Virginia

2001 June: Bergen, Norway

2001 October: Mountain City, TN, USA

2002 January: A Virginia Beach snowfall.

2002 August: Colleen Visits Virginia Beach

2002 Christmas:  Colleen, Cindy and Louie visit Virginia Beach

2004 March: Cindy and Louie get married in Pheonix

2004 April: Norfolk to Bermuda

2004 June: Nice, France

2004 July: Delft and Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2004 August: A cruise around the Baltic

2004 October: A short visit to Taiwan

2005 May: A cruise around the Mediterranean

2005 July: A few pictures from Singapore

2005 October: Resurection of a house in Port St. Lucie, Florida

2005 December and 2006 January: An Alyeska Christmas and an Oregon New Years

2006 April: The Mexican Riviera (AKA, The Love Boat Cruise)